Menelik Hall Foundation

Menelik Hall Foundation is a charitable 501(c) (3) foundation who promotes cultural understanding, the assimilation of newly arrived Ethiopian immigrants in the City of Cleveland and has provided help for many students. It has provided school books, medical textbooks, medical equipment, and provided start-up support educational and cultural organizations. It has had a long series of historical and cultural programs, and established a Sister City relationship with Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in 2004. Currently it is sponsoring, designing, and constructing an Ethiopian Cultural Garden in Cleveland Cultural Garden Park.

Ethiopian Cultural Garden - Cleveland

Cleveland Cultural Garden Park began over 100 years ago, the only park of its kind worldwide, a peace garden demonstrating unity of purpose and showcasing fascinating cultural and ethnic diversity. As the 37th nation, but first from Africa Ethiopia will have a place (garden) representing it's rich history and heritage. And, Menelik Hall Foundation has been the Umbrella required for this project.

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Menelik Hall Foundation

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